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Greetings fellow citizens of the underground.

This is Subtyrannya. A Game where you chaffer commodities and meet mysteries.

You play as a lone merchant with a vehicle full or empty, driving through the colonized underground to make a profit and hopefully a living.
There will be multiple situations where you have to decide on the fate of people, cities and sometimes whole tracts of land. All while struggling to make enough money to sustain yourself.

Interactivity & Story

The Underground is colossal.

The more you trade and explore, the more sectors will open up to you. Imagine mushrooms as big as houses, deep dark pits of chittering and glowing eyes or even a whole black sludgy ocean that somehow wound up below the ground.

You will travel bustling roads, worn dirt paths and broken highways. Whenever you want to stop somewhere you just do. How long you stay, is your own business. Approach the locals, try their food. Attempt to discover why everyone has holes.

But beware, your actions might shine light on certain secrets of a place. You will most certainly stumble upon peculiar information, which will then often lead to much grave decisions.


Trading & Traders

At every Place you can unlock up to a couple of merchants, that sell and buy different commodities from you. The Economy of the underground is complex and will fluctuate, whenever you interact with the market. Different places will have different prices, but selling a lot of one thing will always put a strain on the market. Maybe you can use that to your advantage?

Soon you will be driving around, bribing traders into selling cheap rarities, talking others into taking humming foreign artifacts in or bulk selling your useless goods to the one guy you really don't like, because he tried to screw you over that one time.

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I am a single developer and all my games will be free to play over at itchio/steam/etc...
I am currently making games as a hobby. This could change however, if enough money pools together.
At the very least, I can outsource some parts of my game-making like art and music, so the developement will be faster.

Your support is very appreciated!

Also, if you want to support by helping, there are various things you can contribute like sprites, music, soundeffects and even testing. Just joing the discord and write me a pm!